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View all products from Flexitallic - the Graphite Filler Thermiculite 815Choose the best Flexitallic product based on application oxidation, high temperature, fire You give us permission to store your details electronically in line with our data policy

Choose the best Flexitallic product for your industry refining, chemical processing, The Flexitallic Group is committed to its mission of Making the world safer and

REGION Region Sales Manager EMAIL PHONE; Al Valdemar What is flexibletallic gasket?What is flexibletallic gasket?For over 100 years, Flexitallic has been at the forefront of the gasket and sealing industry, providing innovative sealing solutions, including Thermiculite&high temperature gasket material, the Change metal wound Heat Exchanger Gasket, and Corriculite the superior sealing material for proactive corrosion prevention.Flexitallic UK Ltd

Is flexitallic a global supplier?Is flexitallic a global supplier?Flexitallic has been at the forefront of sealing technology for over 100 years. During this time the company has gained an unrivalled reputation as a global supplier of quality products and services.Reference flexitallic/wp-content/uploads/product-documents/us/ring_type_jo What is flexitallic group?What is flexitallic group?The Flexitallic Group is the international market leader in the manufacture and supply of high quality, high value sealing products.Reference flexitallic/wp-content/uploads/product-documents/us/ring_type_jo Flexitallic gaskets and seals in Denmark

The Flexitallic Group is committed to its mission of Making the world safer and cleaner through engineered sealing solutions and strive to achieve that by providing best-in-class sealing solutions that allow endusers to operate their plants, complete projects, and

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